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Individuals with management experience, business owners, Federal and Quebec Investor and Entrepreneur programs may fill up this form to assess their ability.

A Business applicant comprises of the Investor Class, the Entrepreneur Class  having a high personal net worth  and controls the equity of a qualifying business or hires and manages employees on a full-time basis in government or in private enterprise. Business Immigration category also includes a Self Employed person practically involved in the athletic,cultural, artistic  or farming life in Canada or in other words the Canada Business Immigration Category is meant to provide an opportunity to experienced business people to immigrate to Canada who may qualify to  invest in Canada, must setup a  business in Canada, generate revenues and employment for Canadians.
Please complete the questionnaire below to find out if you qualify for business immigration to Canada. You will receive a assessment of your qualifications for Canadian permanent residence as a Business applicant.
While completing this questionnaire, please ensure to provide all requested details , information and answers carefully and attach your resume  to receive an accurate evaluation to  your online assessment.

General Information


Educational Background: Qualifications


Personal Fund supports or Net Worth

Personal net worth includes current value of  all your assets owned by you, your spouse or common law partner personally own including business shares you or your spouse own. (excluding personal loans ,mortgages)


Business Management/Work Experience

Additional Information : Questions or Comments(Optional)

Please use this space for any specific questions, comments or additional information that may be relevant to your inquiry.


"By submitting this form, I hereby certify that all of the information provided by  me this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge."

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