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There are more than 60 different Canadian Immigration programs. In order to help us  accurately evaluate your eligibility and to receive a assessment of your qualifications please answer a few basic questions and provide all requested details to find what immigration programs you may apply for and how can we help you with the process of immigration to Canada (permanent resident) if you qualify.


Canadian Immigration
Consulting Network Inc.

 our services include:

 Permanent Residence
 Federal Skilled Worker
 Provincial Nominee Programs
 Canadian Experience Class
 Sponsorship of Spouse, Common Law
 Family Class Sponsorship
 Humanitarian and Compassionate
 Pre-Removal Risk Assessment
 Permanent Resident Card Renewal
 Travel Document

 Temporary Residence
 Work Permit
 NAFTA Work Permit
 Labour Market Opinion
 Study Permit
 Temporary Resident Visa
 Temporary Resident Permit
 Live-In Caregiver
 Criminal Rehabilitation
 Authorization to Return to Canada

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General Immigration Assessment
Express Entry:Workers, professionals may use this form
Federal and Quebec Skilled Worker, Provincial Nominee,
Canadian Experience Class and  Federal Self-Employed

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Business Immigration Assessment
Use this form if you have   management experience,
or for business owners, having a high net worth Federal and
Quebec Investor, and Entrepreneur programs.

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Family Class Sponsorship Assessment
Use this from If you wish to sponsor  a Spouse/
Common- Law Partner and
Dependent Children.


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 Business Immigration and Investors
 The Entrepreneur Immigration
 Business program is for business
 people entering Canada as an
 investor or entrepreneur includes:
 Self Employed Person
 Start-up Visa
 Immigration Investor
 Venture Capitol Pilot Program.

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Immigration Problems
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All immigration, Litigation Services/Refugee Board Matters ,Appeals and Reviews


 Removal Orders
 Detention Reviews
 Deportation orders
Refugee Claim or Claim for Protection
PR Cards
Detention Reviews
Review at The Federal Court
Motion for a Stay At the Federal Court
Cross Border Issues

Inadmissibility to Canada
Criminal Inadmissibility

 Temporary Resident Permit
 Assault Conviction

Criminal Rehabilitation Application
Deemed Rehabilitation

Entering Canada with DUI
Medical inadmissibility


How can we help?

 Canadian Immigration Consulting Network Inc. (CICN) can help you get lawyer or an authorized Immigration Representative to represent you in your immigration related issues/ law case if you are facing an immigration proceeding that may result in your removal from Canada or If you wish to claim a refugee status.

  •   Our licensed Immigration Representative can help you fill out forms
  • help you prepare for a refugee claim hearing
  • represent you at your hearing

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